Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Soul Starts Today!

Finally after a long year of waiting Soul Survivor 06 is starting today! Check it out at

I'm looking forward to 5 days of tenting with friends, learning, relaxing, and being challanged.

Jess, Bec, Sam and I are sharing a tent and should be heading up to grab a camping spot early this afternoon. (Hopefully the rain will clear by then!)

From what I've managed to find out there is a big focus on social justice this year.......I'll report back on Monday morning about how it went.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Well here's my new set of wheels, brought home as of yesterday. A 2nd hand white, Nissan Pintara Executive 1992, auto sedan, with air-con and powersteering. Sweet..... did I really buy that thing?!

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Found this picture while searching the web. It reminded me of the comment an older midwife made to me on my clinical placement last year:

"You'll find more women have babies on the night of a full moon."

I've found a lot of folk lore surrounding birth in my extended reading, and one certainly gets to wondering how much truth lies within it. Do girl babies sit higher in the belly than male ones? Where there's smoke there's fire in most cases right?

I guess time will tell me if babies like moonlight or not.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What's in a name?

Naming things.....I've never been one who names things easily, and when it came to a blog I certainly didn't want to choose lightly. After much yo-yoing between options I came to "accoucheur", a French name for the person who receives a child as it's born. It's just one of those words I like, it feels nice when you say it, and it sums up what I'm training to become, a midwife.

Funnily enough after deciding on the title of my blog I curiously went searching to find the correct dictionary definition for it. Unnervingly the dictionary seemed to give it more of an obstetric/masculine undercurrent than I expected. In my course we use it quite alternatively with a woman centered focus....which is why I've decided to keep "Accoucheur" as my blog name.... women centered midwifery is different to anything a medicalized western society expects.

So this is my blog, hopefully updated regularly. I'm not completely sure what this blog's flavour will turn out to be, probably just a jumble of thoughts, poetry, quotes, and the occasional birth story thrown in.