Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ecclectic Mess

Nothing cuts a creativity surge to mere smithereens more than a frozen computer, night shifts and a computer which won't read my photos off of my camera. I've opted for the communal 'family computer' for the moment, while I brace myself to purchase a new laptop.... which is just a tad exciting.

And so I don't forget I need to blog about a few things:

1. Placement: After three weeks it finally happened... I looked after a few elderly men last Thursday and Friday. They had transurethral prostatectomies (TURPs). It was so weird. I had to laugh last night when speaking to Ruth, (a friend who's about to graduate as a nurse). We've been chatting about the strange things I've been doing this last little while that have no relation at all to midwifery. So when I saw her late last night and simply said, "I've been looking after the TURP's", she put on her most sympathetic face and said, "Oh honey! Don't worry, once you've seen one you've seen them all... and yes, they're all so damn precious about their bits!"

2. Art: The beautiful art work my little sister Hannah sketched for me (It was for my 21st birthday but it came a tad later). A pregnant woman in charcoal. Photo's to come when I can down load them.

3. Friends: Going to St. Andrews Market with Tim, Ana, Dylan and Susannah yesterday was just perfect. Mmmm kumquat marmalade is divine. Along with the marmalade, my canvas bags were quickly filled with olive and rye bread, an earing (yes just one... I need to buy another like it but slightly different to get the look I want), a pendant from Peru, wild dried figs, some artistic pregnancy photography on a set of cards, and a pair of Indian pants belonging to Tim (because boy's don't bring things like bags with them ;).

After warming ourselves with the famous St. Andrews Chai Tent chai and wandering over the road to the pub to thaw out by the fire we stopped at Hurstbridge for lunch in a gorgeous little retro cafe' called Heart and Soul (photos to come). The op-shop deserved a flying visit and then a longer one in the antique store, where I think the shop owner thought Tim was serenading her with the old beaten up guitar he found in the corner as he tuned and played it. Back on the street Susannah, wondered out loud about the difference between 'organic' and 'bio dynamic' produce after seeing a sign at the health food store, so we wandered in to ask. Browsing the shelves I found pure body art quality henna in the brand I've been looking at on the internet. It was only $3 for 100g!!! Very exciting. Can't wait to start mixing and trying it out.

On we drove to Tim's brother and sister-in-laws place. Hugh was out the back with a few other relatives and it's an undeniable fact that vehicles play a large part in his and Amy's life.... they've got their own marked track in the paddock for driving in! It being wet and muddy it was time for a just a little bit of fun. Mostly everyone took turns attempting a flying drive up the hill to see how far they could get before drifting off the muddy track. Hugh took me as a passenger and the drift in the mud was amazing! The plan is to come out again sometime and have a bit of a wild driving session, just to see what cars can do and how to respond. Very keen.

Once all four of us were back at Tim's place, Ana, Ryan and Mick showed up. After being served some amazing Tequila Sunrises, we drove out into the darkness and sticks to Izzie's 21st birthday party. Her's would have to be the most wonderful party I have been to in my whole life! She is so very loved! People spread through the house and garden and I would have guessed there were 250 people at one point. It almost seemed like a school reunion, just about every person in our final year of high school showed up. Every time I moved I found someone I'd yet to talk to. The garden was perfect with fairy lights and the fire drums to keep warm around, the food enjoyable and the alcohol very tasteful. After speeches we spent some hours dancing.... Mic and Ryan both danced, it was the first time I've ever seen either of them dance and it was just so right to be dancing crazily with a whole group of friends to Infected Mushroom trance music! My only regret was that I hadn't bought a change of shoes from the morning with me, dancing with hiking boots on is just a little clunky!

I fell into bed at 2:15am. A good good day.

oh... and mental note to self... I need to post about the hike I've been on...

Monday, July 02, 2007


If you're not a blogger I doubt what I'm about to say will resonate with you.

But for all you bloggers out there, I'm sure you'll understand the excitement experienced when I discovered some midwives have linked to my blog! Wow! I feel very honoured and now just a little more compelled to write. Hahah, nothing like an audience to get the creativity flowing.

so thanks Alternative Birth for putting me on your resource/links page
and thank you Mama Mid(Wife) Madness for the blog roll mention

You've made my day.