Thursday, February 28, 2008



He sits waiting
'Will you give me a drink?'

'A jar has already been spilled
now I've returned for more,
it's full
for my purpose,
how can you even ask me for a drink?'

she trembles waiting

'If you knew who it is that asks you,
you would have asked him
and he would have given you
living water'

lifeless, the water jar waits

Scooped in her hand
water trickles through fingers
held out to him,
'Give me this water
so I won't keep coming here to draw'

dripping, waiting
offering evaporating on dry sand

'My water becomes a spring
welling up
to eternal life'

he takes her hand
the jar overturns
welling into nothingness
rushing away

'Go, call your husband'

waiting tears pour

'I have no husband'

'You are right
and the man you now have
is not your husband'

water dissolves around her

she trembles waiting

a spring appears